Relaxed Truckers Logistics

On the 4th of May 2019 Relaxed Truckers Logistics opened up to the public and slowly grown to over 20+ Drivers over the past year. We have also hosted fortnightly Convoys and at the time of writing this about us we have done 19 Convoys for the Trucking Community and we are endeavouring to continue our convoys in a professional manner. We also have a dedicated Staff team who can and will try their best to answer your questions

What do we offer within the VTC?

– We ask you are 14+ before you apply, we do ask you to be mature this will show during your Trial Period.

– Have at least 50 to 100 hours in ETS2 or ATS.

– Have a working Mic so you can Communicate easily with us.

– Be able to turn up to our Official Convoys or at least 1 other VTC convoy a week.

– Wear our tag at all times and skin when in official events/ Convoys.

– Follow TruckersMP rules at all times.

What do we offer within the VTC?

– Active Community on Discord

– Minimum of 1000 miles / 1609Km Per Week

– Active staff for your needs – Fortnightly Convoys with RTLVTC that you can CC

– Change of game i.e. Farming/ Minecraft