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SimulatorHits, also known as SH, is a community-run, non-profit station, being supported mainly by the community of Farming Simulator 2019. SH is still in the early stages of expanding to the Trucking Community and hoping to achieve our new milestone in the future. The Station prefers to play songs from the Charts, however, do offer Presenters that play songs from the 80s, 90s & 00s. SimulatorHits are funded by Patrons & PayPal donators. The station also allows the opportunity for all Members to advertise their community Adverts On-air and/or Website, Through On-Air Adverts or Banners!

Relaxed Truckers Logistics

On the 4th of May 2019 Relaxed Truckers Logistics opened up to the public and slowly grown to over 20+ Drivers over the past year. We have also hosted fortnightly Convoys and at the time of writing this about us we have done 19 Convoys for the Trucking Community and we are endeavouring to continue our convoys in a professional manner. We also have a dedicated Staff team who can and will try their best to answer your questions. ​ 

Harmony Radio

What is Harmony? Harmony is the heart of music, a up and coming radio station bringing you latest hit music from all around the globe. 

Harmony Radio

AllTalks is an international mental health organisation that is aiming to minimize and tackle the problems that teenagers and young adults may face during these difficult times. AllTalks was established in 2021 by Dylan but is now owned by Faye and their goal is to simply just make everyone as happy as they can by making this support group.