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Information about the SocialGamingUK Team
Over the past few months, our community has grown significantly. The Staff Team, Official Streamer and other departments plays an important
role within SocialGamingUK.
They are the community faces that users see everyday, and they are a port of call for helping
and assisting with questions, problems and difficulties that users may be experiencing.

Requirements to be apart of the Team,
You are required to be older than 16 years old.
Must have a basic understanding of English.
A microphone is working order.
No Warning/Punishments in the past 2 months withn SocialGaming.

Responsibilities for a Staff Member;
Your work is kept to a very high-quality standard, communication skills and teamwork is high-quality.
You must remember that work needs to be kept to a high-quality standard and communication and teamwork is key.
Ensure a user satisfaction by responding timely and accurately to other user reports and issues;
Provide Support to Discord members on any queries;
Ensure all users adhere to the server rules & maintains Discord Terms of Service;
Assessing situtations fairly & punishing users breaking the rules.


Positions available;

• Support Team,

• Moderator,

• Event Team,

• Media Team,

• Public Relations.

please add this one of the following position[s] available within section;

Which position are you interested in?

Good Luck on your application.

and always remember,

Gaming is NOT a Crime!